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So nice to see you again Lorraine @reallorraine thank you for such a lovely interview. XRA https://t.co/8gKQvVblry
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Lorraine @lorraine
Ahead of the hotly anticipated release of #TheStranger, @RCArmitage joined @reallorraine to chat all about the new series and revealed the incredible lengths he goes to to prepare for a role ➡️ https://t.co/LG2wC9Bmz1 https://t.co/OVYsoKCbgg

Harlan and I...buzzed about #thestranger I loved working on this. You can watch all 8 Episodes on @netflix tomorrow and find out all our secrets. @ Harold Pinter Theatre https://t.co/dVoSFj188N

Good luck Yaël, Ruth and all the cast. Thinking of you. https://t.co/921FtjxZr1
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yaël farber @yfarber
We are met.
A privilege to be back at St Anne’s again. This time to bring our Hamlet to NYC. May the gods bless our tech week ahead. https://t.co/Gu8MH7q7xU

Obvs...we impro the fights with each other in the studio and the animators replicate our moves....🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/4xnmOW5jF0






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