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I’m in love with Korea. A culture which is rooted in respect. Calm stillness and introspection. Lessons: I went in for a hug and got shoulder barged, learned how to bow, learned how precious eye contact is. (Window paint was a little welcome from the @LeMeridien hotel staff ❤️) https://t.co/yyGsSCPom5 RCArmitage photo

What a wonderful welcome. Thank you. 서울에서의 따뜻한 환영에 감사드립니다. https://t.co/HvWAl5EIpc

This is equally unacceptable. Just do the job. https://t.co/rgyFtG47fy
RCArmitage photo
Cllr Luisa Porritt MEP 🇪🇺🔶️ @LuisaPorritt
In Strasbourg at the opening session of the European Parliament! I’m here to represent Londoners and work with my fellow @LibDems to #StopBrexit - because the UK must lead not leave the EU. #BollocksToBrexit https://t.co/bn2F8xyvKM

@Europarl_EN⁩ To my friends and colleagues across Europe; profound apologies for this disrespect. I wish the Union success and prosperity for the future. 🇪🇺 https://t.co/A3G6YouBVK

Does anyone have a Matrix brain chip thingy I can borrow...just need a crash course in Korean. 😊 한국어를 배우는 데 도움이된다. https://t.co/yGn34vXe4Z






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