2018 Castlevania Season 2

War Council


Old Homes


Shadow Battles


Broken Mast

Last Spell


The River


For Love


End Times

No it's fine, I'll just sit alone in this big empty castle all by myself while everyone else gallavants off to adventure, thank you very much. Time to take up Twitter again, I suppose... -Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş

I don’t really get to ask my mother for things anymore so I’ll just brood wherever, thanks -Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş https://t.co/hpFdpRfkuN
Castlevania photo
NX @NXOnNetflix
Mom says it's my turn to brood by the fire https://t.co/4M6f3bmpSH

Um, you know my answer. https://t.co/h6yAbVOcw2
NX @NXOnNetflix
Is this the greatest fight scene in @Castlevania or the greatest fight scene in anything ever? https://t.co/m9IPdoAWx6

Castlevania photo
NX @NXOnNetflix
You, a fool, making the joke that all vampires are “Draculas.”
Me, a very skilled hunter who has made this flowchart. https://t.co/0iP3LcNgFU

Just because I lost the "Best Finishing Move" competition doesn't mean I shouldn't post my amazing finisher right? I mean I turned into a wolf and threw a sword with my mind for Satan's sake!
-Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş https://t.co/PYe7GfetFa