Castlevania Season2

Dracula entrusts a deadly — and personal — mission with two humans who truly hate humanity, not knowing that he himself has become a target.

As Belmont shares a bold strategy with Alucard and Sypha, Dracula addresses a conflict within his ranks. Isaac recalls a painful encounter.

Belmont travels to his family’s archives, along with Sypha and a cynical Alucard. Godbrand voices a suspicion about Dracula’s motives.

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2018 Castlevania Season 2

War Council


Old Homes


Shadow Battles


Broken Mast

Last Spell


The River


For Love


End Times

Round 1, Question 2: Sypha's Vampire Freeze vs Trevor's Morningstar to the Chest!

The Battle of Dracula's Castle was epic, to say the least. But what was the best finishing move? Vote below! Castlevania photo

Here are some wallpapers to celebrate the return of your boy! Happy #WallachiaWallpaperWednesday!
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